Liz Barrett's button bands for NHS and carer heroes

Liz Barrett organises massive volunteer movement to make button bands for NHS and carer heroes


During May, volunteers all over Perth and Tayside were making button bands - to ensure a better fit for essential PPE for NHS staff and care workers.   Liz set this up after a plea for help from an NHS Team Manager for district nurses and community hospital teams, because so many nurses and carers had been struggling to get a tight fit with masks that have elastic rather than ties.   

Liz said: “We sorted out the best design, and the nurses tested 20 over the weekend and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up. I then contacted neighbours, friends, church and community volunteer groups, and the response was absolutely fantastic. We received loads of buttons and material, and nearly 40 volunteers sewed the button bands.   We made over 1400 button bands and delivered them to NHS and care home staff across Perth and Kinross and into Tayside.   I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who is helping, whether by stitching bands or donating fabric or buttons.  It makes a big difference to comfort and safety, and all the recipients were so delighted that we showed our care for them.”

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