Lib Dem Councillors welcome action on overgrown hedges and bushes in Craigie, Oakbank and Burghmuir

Cllrs Willie Wilson and Liz Barrett, Innerleithen Way.JPG

Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillors in Perth South Ward, Willie Wilson and Liz Barrett, have welcomed action by Perth & Kinross Council to cut back hazardous hedges, bushes, shrubs, and trees in Oakbank, Ruthven Park and Burghmuir. 

Councillor Liz Barrett has said “Due to the very warm weather and heavy rainfall, many hedges and shrubs have grown very fast during the summer. With Environment Service staff seconded to vital tasks such as refuse collection, they couldn’t do the normal summer pruning of bushes and hedges.  We are delighted that management within the Environment Service have reacted to our pleas to take action where pathways were becoming blocked, or bushes could cause injury to passing pedestrians and cyclists.”

Councillor Willie Wilson said “Work is in hand to clear overgrown hedges in the worst areas, such as in Glasgow Road, the pathway from Glasgow Road to Innerleithen Way, the playpark at Coldstream Avenue, hedging in Lamberkine Drive and the pathway along the Scouring Burn.  A good deal is still to be done, including verge cutting, to ensure paths are maintained safely.”

Councillor Liz Barrett added “Many Council staff have been working extremely hard to provide vital services during Covid times and it is hoped they’ll be able to return to their normal tasks soon.”



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