Councillor Barrett Comments on Travellers at Broxden Park & Ride

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats group on Perth and Kinross Council, Cllr Peter Barrett, commented on the Gypsy Traveller encampment at Broxden Park & Ride, stressing the Council's negotiated stopping approach and updating on the Council's engagement with the encampment.

Cllr Peter Barrett, the Council’s Equalities lead, said. “Perth and Kinross is traditionally an area that the Gypsy/Traveller community has lived in or travelled through and the Council has a duty and responsibility to provide services for them. The Council has adopted a negotiated stopping approach to Gypsy Traveller encampments which involves dialogue and negotiation between the Council and Gypsy/Travellers who pass through the area. Engagement to provide public health advice and support is particularly important during Covid, as is ensuring that temporary stopping places are safe and have access to basic sanitation and services – toilets, water, bins and wash facilities.”

The Lib Dem Councillor described the Council response saying. “Officers from Environmental Health visited the site this morning. There are 7 caravans and associated towing vehicles located at the far end of the Park & Ride site opposite the mobile Covid testing unit. The residents of the encampment stated they would only be staying a couple of days. In accordance with the current Scottish Government guidance on supporting Gypsy/traveller encampments during the Covid pandemic the Council is providing toilets until Saturday morning. There are separate toilet facilities for the workers at the Covid testing site. Officers will visit again tomorrow to confirm toilets are provided, leaving dates and ensure clear access to the testing centre.”

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