Barrett Challenges Inconsistent Scottish Government Campaign Rules

Peter Barrett, Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate for Perthshire North, has challenged the Scottish Government's inconsistent rules for political campaigners ahead of the Scottish Parliament election. 

Perthshire North Scottish Liberal Democrats Candidate, Cllr Peter Barrett, said. “It’s confusing and inconsistent, the Scottish Government needs to show more respect for our democratic processes. From Friday a maximum of 6 adults from 6 different households, from anywhere in Scotland can meet outdoors. That is good news for families and friends who haven’t seen each other in ages. But you can’t meet up with up to five friends if you are campaigning for the Scottish Parliament Elections. Campaigners are still restricted to working in pairs! Why is that? We’ve been getting a very positive response to our ‘Put Recovery First’ message but with postal votes going out this weekend the election could be over for a very significant number of voters. As Liberal Democrats we want to ensure the safety of local residents and of our volunteers. We are sticking to leaflet delivery in single households or socially distanced pairs, and using hand-sanitation and masks when appropriate.”

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