Action on Equalities and Unconscious Bias

Perth Liberal Democrats attend a workshop on Unconscious Bias.

 Local campaigner Liz Barrett said: “The Liberal Democrats are a very inclusive party; we believe in fairness for all and we want to make sure that we represent the whole of our community in the best possible way. The webinar was not about discrimination, which is usually easy to identify; it was about recognising that we all make assumptions about people based on their appearance, how they communicate, what jobs they do and a hundred other things, without consciously realising it. Attending this webinar is just an example of the steps we are taking to ensure we live up to our ideals as a party.
In the Liberal Democrats, we represent all aspects of society and we try not to make assumptions. We value diversity in all its forms.”

Cllr Peter Barrett has been pressing Perth and Kinross Council to ensure that Black and Minority Ethnic staff have wellbeing discussions with their line-manager. Cllr Barrett raised his concerns with PKC’s Chief Executive. The Lib Dem Group leader said “The current evidence for COVID-19 shows that those from a BAME background and those who are older have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, with specific underlying conditions increasing risk of severe illness. I want to be assured that all staff of BAME origin are fully risk assessed and receive the PPE and support that they need to stay safe.”

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